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mindfulness time to relax


I myself have been putting into practice mindfulness,on a daily basis and getting really good results from this tool.Many people ask what is mindfulness?and how can it help me.Well in my opinion i think that its a guided imagery tool,so if you want to call it relaxation,meditation,or indeed self hypnosis then i think all these titles are correct its how you perceive it.after going through the exercise then you will feel relaxed more centred and focused.lets face it,we all need a break from our busy daily lives,I’ve put together a video which i hope you enjoy and benefit from,till next time,enjoy your day,enjoy your life,now relax. https://youtu.be/r3_Btcz-ARs

Take your mind on holiday

So we all get bogged down by everyday life, paying the bills rushing around like there’s no tomorrow.think what all this stress is doing to your health,time to take yourself on a holiday even If you can’t physically go on holiday then this exercise will enable to take some time out for a short while enough to recharge your batteries, I do this everyday and your find the results amazing.
Find yourself a quiet spot,sit down and make yourself comfortable with your feet flat on the floor.take a deep breath and count 1,2,repeat a few times.now imagine yourself at your favourite destination, remember your scene.see what you saw and count 1,2,hear the sounds and count 1,2,feel how good you felt and count 1,2, repeat until your senses see,hear and feel.now let that comfortable feeling wash all over your body, from your head all the way to your toes, once you feel so relaxed take a deep breath in and out this time count 1,2,3,4,5 and take this feeling with you and enjoy your relaxing day.till next time. Please leave a comment would love to know how this exercise works for you.

What makes a house a home

What makes a house a happy home.

From when you where born all I wanted was hapoy memorie on the wall, we made happy ones, loving ones, huggable ones, laughable ones, hear the shouts but that’s just makes the happy memories louder,but most of all we made it, for without the unbove this house would just be bricks and mortar, and as you leave making your footprints in the world there’s just one thing I want for you both,is for you both to go make your house a very happy home.

Comfort zone

We all have are own comfort zone.Where you feel safe and secure.could be your job, your home.even the people you mix with, some just like being in the comfort zone, other wonder what it would be like to step out of the comfort zone.would you?if you answered yes to this question chances are you have imagined what it would be like in your mind, even seeing yourself, hearing the different sounds, feeling what you would feel, then thinking no best to keep it safe and sound knowing what you know. But what if you fast forward yourself into the future and you found yourself not having reached for full potential wouldn’t that be a little sad, go on step outside your comfort zone today, your be glad you did.