A Smile a day

Today as I’m sitting in the park with the beautiful sunshine feeling warm and calm.watching Misty(my dog ) playing with her friend Layla.i love the way they greet each other full of energy,love and respect of each other, and it made me think how much us the human race can learn from their example.imagine just going up to someone random and start talking to them with the same enthusiasm, most people would think you were either mad or on drugs and it really saddens me to think of us humans in this way.I myself try and smile at least once a day to just smile at someone.Who knows they might smile back.if they do smile back you might of made them feel good about themselves in that snapshot of time.i saw this on a car sticker as I parked, it said. I am an angel in practice.I practice random acts of kindness everyday.So why don’t you be an angel to today, that is if you aren’t. already.Go on make someone’s day and SMILE. Have a happy day everyone!!


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