Do you trust the inner you

The title I am referring to that feeling, voice or clear image you get when you know you are clearly right about something. but how many times have you just shrugged that feeling off, thinking to yourself don’t be silly.I like to call it the inner advisor.
I like you have ignored that very wise advisor within.But I have been proved right on many occasions that had I listened well a few things would of been different now.However I do believe now was the right time to listen, as looking back a few lessons had to be learnt I also believe its now made me a stronger wiser person which can only be a good thing. The inner advisor I believe isn’t just to warn you but also to celebrate the good times for it happens when you just know that something wonderful is just about to happen but you just carnt put your finger on it, then wow that was amazing event or feeling.So remember trust your inner advisor your be so glad you did.


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